Everyone has their own way of doing things, and the ritual of making tea can be highly personal. For some, it’s as simple as dunking a tea bag or two. For others, only a pot of fresh brew will do. Throughout the world, different cultures including Chinese and Japanese, Indian, Russian, Turkish and of course the British have their own way of preparing and enjoying tea, and have turned the preparation of tea into a form of art. Take your favourite tea pot and put a small amount of boiling water into it to rinse and warm the tea pot. This is called ‘warming the pot’ and is recommended. It is not recommended that you over boiled or reboil water. The water requires oxygen, and over boiled or reboiled water does not have this in sufficient quantity. Sufficient brewing time is essential. Pouring the boiling water onto the tea leaves activates the caffeine which gives the feel good factor. But after about 3 – 4 mins tannin is produced and over brewing can lead to a bitter taste. So ensure the tea is brewed in accordance with the recommended time for the type of tea. As a general guide, the type of tea should be brewed as follows: Black Teas – Boiled water. Brew for 4-6 minutes. Add milk and/or sugar to taste Green (& Oolong) Teas – Use 80c water. Brew for for 5-7 minutes. Milk not recommended White Teas – Use 70c water. Brew for 5-7 minutes. Milk not recommended Herbal Tisane – Use boiled water. Brew for 5-7 minutes All Montea Cristo Teas have brewing instructions listed on the packet to ensure you make that perfect cup of tea!